Premium self-serve cafe destinations

The look and feel of an artisan coffee shop, designed for coffee lovers on the go.

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More artisan than traditional brands…. more accessible than niche brands

Founded by a team of passionate young professionals set to make their mark. The Smokin’ Bean team have created a brand and blend that will be loved and enjoyed by the consumer of today and tomorrow. Combining the growth in artisan coffee shops and self-serve coffee to go, we’ve created our new Café Destinations for Smokin’ Bean enthusiasts.

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Triple Certified Coffee served in 100% Biodegradable and Compostable To Go Cups

Our coffee is triple certified- Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade and Organic. Our beans are 100% Arabica and are sourced from Fairtrade Cooperatives in Peru, Nicaragua and Bolivia. They are picked and processed to produce our special espresso blend and ground through our bean to cup machine to serve cappuccino, lattes and more. All served in our eco-friendly cups or Smokin’ Bean KeepCups.

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More than just the taste

We care about protecting the future of our beautiful planet, and we are committed to supporting transparent and sustainable work practices for coffee-growing communities.

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Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and Organic certified. The only brand to sell triple certified coffee in the to-go market.

We source our 100% Arabica beans solely through Fairtrade cooperatives in Nicaragua, Bolivia and Peru.

Our Bioware cups are 100% compostable and our Café Destinations use sustainable materials.

Why choose Smokin’ Bean?

We want Smokin’ Bean enthusiasts to spread the word about our unique offer

8 Speciality DrinksYou have a choice of eight speciality drinks

Extra Espresso ShotPrefer a stronger coffee? Add an extra shot for free!

Extra Syrup ShotLike it sweet? Add a DaVinci flavoured syrup as a treat for no extra cost

Keep CupOur branded Smokin’ Bean KeepCups are available to buy

Fairtrade Tea and Hot ChocSUKI Tea and Fairtrade Hot Chocolate

Gluten Free SnacksA selection of Gluten Free treats are available including muffins, protein bars and flapjack bars

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We’re here to make you happy, and that’s why you can be confident that we’ll never compromise on the quality of our coffee or our ethical values.

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