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Smokin’ Bean uses coffee beans grown in Peru and Mexico.

Here’s a little bit about some of the cooperatives we work with and how their Fairtrade premium is used…

Sol y Cafe Cooperative, Peru

The coop invests a proportion of the premium in quality and productivity. For example, they have a program of technical assistance for farmers. They have also recently invested in new solar driers to control the drying process effectively, and an innovative IT system to help them record excellent traceability data and reward their members with higher prices for higher quality coffee.

The cooperative also started a fund which covers the costs of funerals for coffee farmers and their families.

Additionally, a café has been built at the cooperative headquarters so that farmers can enjoy espresso-based drinks and better understand how their product is likely to be enjoyed by the end consumer. They have even started running barista training courses!

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History of the group The cooperative was founded in 2003. It started with 27 community level groups of coffee farmers but now has more than 60. The groups name translates as “Sun and Coffee” cooperative. As well as coffee, they also produce cocoa and rice.
Location San Ignacio and Jaen provinces, northern Peru.
Producer information 1,160 active farmer members. Farms are quite small with members having under three hectares of coffee in cultivation on average.
Arabica varietals Catimor, Typica, Caturra and Pache
Certifications We buy Fairtrade, organic and Rainforest Alliance certified coffee from Sol y Café. The group first became organic certified in 2006 and Fairtrade certified in 2011. Almost 80% of their production is organic.
Altitude 1,200 – 1,800 metres
Harvest season April – November
Processing Fully washed on-farm processing followed by patio and solar drying. After the coffee has been sorted and graded it is taken to the centralised warehouses and then to the Norandino mill for export preparation.
Cupping note Acid, soft and sweet. Medium body and toast. Nice and even.

FEDESI Cooperative, Mexico

FEDESI has invested the premium in the provision of coffee plants and the other inputs required for rehabilitation on farms. They have also provided technical assistance to farmers to help with the replanting. This has been a necessary investment since the outbreak of “la roya” or coffee leaf rust in the region and it will greatly help in maintaining coffee yields from coffee farmers in future.

History of the group FEDESI (Federacion de Sociedades Cooperativas Cafetaleras de la Sierra Madre) was founded by six community level farmer groups.
Location Chaipas region of southern Mexico. The state borders Guatemala and shares a mountain range, the Sierra Madre de Chiapas, with the country. The favourable climate and high altitude create perfect conditions for cultivating quality speciality coffees. The state has a large indigenous population and many people rely on coffee cultivation to support their families.
Producer information 1,902 active farmer members. Members cultivate under 3 hectares of coffee on average.
Arabica varietals Bourbon, Caturra, Sarchimor
Certifications We buy Fairtrade and organic certified coffee from FEDESI. It is relatively young and only started selling certified coffee in 2016.
Altitude 800 – 1,500 metres
Harvest season December – March
Processing Washed and sundried on patios or drying beds.
Cupping note Soft citrus, sweet aroma with chocolate and caramel flavours. The body is well balanced and clean.

*May 2019

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